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House names and numbers, for above your door.

Window Film Factory, can supply precise computer cut lettering in a variety of colours, including translucent etched glass effect or traditional black & gold. We use professional quality materials, that are guaranteed not to fade or peel within 15 years.

We currently have two black & gold fonts, and another 14 specially selected fonts, available on the interactive form below. However; customers can request specific fonts.

The numbers or lettering we create, are complete graphics, so there’s no need for you to align individual characters.

Our talented designers can also recreate period designs from photographs, and work from customers paper or computer drawings. (see Custom Window Film for details)

How to order

Simply complete the 3 part form below, and then add the item to your cart.

Note! The ‘Font Preview Area’ below, is limited to your first 15 characters. Our designers will apply the correct typographic adjustments when it comes to production!
Feel free to request a free pdf proof before you buy, or during the order process.
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Colour or ‘etched glass effect’ numbers and letters start at £18 for the first character, and then £1.60 for each additional character (excluding spaces)
Black & Gold numbers and letters start at £24 for the first character, and then £1.80 for each additional character (excluding spaces)

Tip: Our interactive form will display the price, when you preview your text!

Enter text / numbers:

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Choose a font:


These are the dimensions of your window glass - We'll need to know this, so we can determine the size of your graphics.

We normally create house numbers that are 1/3 the height of the window; however, feel free to provide us with specific instructions.



Reverse Design:

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Order Sumamary:

Product info
Design code: TX-AL

Frosted translucent vinyl lettering
Colour 'Realistic etched glass effect'
Font 'Arial'


Price = £0

“Need all over frosting with a design
cut-out for a transom light?”

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Transom Light Designs

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