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Safety markings (Manifestations) for glass

Safety glass markings are an essential feature for shop front windows, doors or any large expanse of glazing in public spaces.

The ‘Health, safety & welfare’ regulation 14 (1992) requires that “Windows, transparent or translucent surfaces in walls, partitions, doors and gates should, where necessary for reasons of health and safety, be made of safety material or be protected against breakage. If there is a danger of people coming into contact with it, it should be marked or incorporate features to make it apparent.”

Safety markings are equally suited to the home enviroment, where they can help prevent children and pets from colliding with patio doors and large mirrors etc. or even deter birds from flying into windows!

How to order

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Safety markings are available pre spaced, on 1 meter strips, or as non spaced packs.

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Custom safety markings or logos

You can order safety markings to your exact specifications or even company logos.
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Safety Marking Designs

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