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Custom Frosted Film

Need to tweak our designs?

That's no problem, our designs can be modified to meet your exact requirements. For example, you could ask us to:


Shrink or enlarge a design


Repeat a design


Re-position a design


Or combine designs!

You can tweak our designs

Need a custom window treatment?

Our decorative window film can be used for shop fronts, glass office partitions, or any situation where the look of sandblasted or acid etched glass will enhance appearance.

Maybe you would like a specific design for your patio doors, or perhaps a company logo for your office entrance. Whether your requirements are large or small, we're here to help.

Artwork can be supplied to us in the following ways:

1. Vector image file -

What's this?

This is by far the best method, as little preparation is needed before we can cut the vinyl window film.

2. Raster image file -

What's this?

This would require us to create a new vector drawing based on your artwork.
(additional fees applies - see below)

3. Paper based artwork

preferably this should be A4 in dimension, and would also need to be converted to a vector drawing.
(additional fees applies - see below)

How to prepare your art work.

It’s important to consider which parts of the drawing represent the see through cutouts, and which parts represent the obscure frosted window film. To do this, just create a two tone drawing like the example below.


White indicates a cut-out.

The frosted film

The window film in place.

How much will it cost?

Before providing an accurate quote, we'll need to see your artwork first. This is so we can assess it’s complexity and suitability.

If you are able to provide artwork in a vector graphic format, then there are no additional charges.
You will only need to pay for the frosted film itself.

Additional charges apply if we need to convert your raster or paper based artwork, into vector artwork. This because we'll need to re-create your artwork by hand.

Vector to raster conversion, typically costs between £15 to £45 depending on complexity. The example above is simple to re-draw, and would therefore cost £15.

How long will it take?

Unlike our 'off the shelf' designs, which can be delivered within 1-3 days. Custom made window film, will take approximately 2-5 working days. If your deadline is tighter than this, then give us a call, because we may be able to help.

How to send us your artwork:

By email:
By Post:

Window Film Factory, 36 Birchland Road, Sparkwell, Devon PL7 5DN