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How to Measure for Window Graphics

Measuring for a typical window

When providing measurements, it’s best to request the exact size film you require (to the nearest mm) The ideal situation, is to have your window film sit perfectly flat on your glass, without riding up over rubber seals or painted frame edges.

Measure your glass area with a tape measure; taking care to bend the tape into the frame edges to get an accurate reading. You’ll find its not possible bend the tape measure all the way into the edge of the seal, so you’ll have to estimate were your tape measure will lay, by projecting an imaginary line towards the edge of the rubber seal (see dotted red line)

Measuring for internal glass partitions

Glass partition graphics are usually installed on the flat surface of the glass only (shown in orange) and not allowed to over run bevelled edges or the plastic joiners between glass panels.

Joiners often stand proud of the glass surface, and can prevent graphics from sitting flat on the glass, which in turn, create unsightly edges.

We recommend providing exact dimensions for the flat glass areas.  If a design/pattern is to flow across multiple glass panels, then it’s useful for us to know the distance between bevelled edges - that way we can create gaps in the pattern and maintain flow across the glazing.

Why choose our frosted film?

There are many frosted films available, with varying qualities, to suit different requirements and budgets. Window Film Factory uses Avery Dennison film; arguably the most attractive, and one of the highest performing window films on the market.

Avery Film will:

  • Realistically simulate etched or sand blasted glass.
  • Colour match existing film.
  • Peel off cleanly and in one go, when necessary.
  • Allow plenty of light through, whilst maintaining maximum diffusion.

Avery Film will not:

  • Have an inconsistent appearance, fade or generally look cheap.
  • Peel off along its edges.
  • Leave a sticky residue when removed.
  • Turn yellow over time.

Avery Dennison film offers the best value for money

But don’t take our word for it; order a sample today.